The birth of the project: Music and Visuals


Music and Visuals is a multi-artistic project, born from a meeting, that of a brother and a sister. Brice and Linda are born in Paris in a musical environment. This influence leads them to become interested and to practice music very young. For Brice it will be the electric guitar, for Linda the violin. Life goes on. Brice will become an author, composer, performer and singer and perform on Paris stages with numerous pop-rock projects. Linda, an actress, finds her way in the visual arts and writing. She becomes professional in photography and painting.
Brice and Linda decide to associate to create visible from the invisible. Brice composes instrumental music on which Linda relies to create.
What will come out of the visible in matter is an unknown and the boundaries between the arts will disperse in the path of creation.

© 2019 par Linda Bachammar